55 Studebaker W/53 Front End, Pro Street, Fresh 502 ci 871 Blower, 600 CFM Carbs, Alum. Heads, All Roller Isky .750 Lift Cam, Solid Roller Lifters, 8-1 Blower Pistons, Eagle Steel Rods and Crank, Built 400 Trans. 2500 Stall Speed, 9" 350 Posi. 16" Wide Hooshers on the Rear, Very Streetable, $35,900 Call Ph. 937-839-5344 between 10 am - 9 pm 7 days No eMails Please.. LEWISBURG, OH 45338 937-8395344
Custom hand-blown, made to order neon automotive signs, artworks, sculptures, and show car garage neon light fixture chandeliers! Car owners love the beautiful neon reflections in their paint and chrome! Direct from Neon Studios of John Barton - Internationally Famous American Neon Light Sculptor, Ohio, USA. Shipping across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Personally designed, hand-blown, processe...
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